Our Sand Riders are available for rental and long term lease

Sand Rider Rental

Short term rental rates vary by duration and are offered for daily, half week and full week rental. 

Rentals are only available within a 40 mile radius of Virginia Beach. 

We deliver! 

Rates including pickup and drop-off are:

  • Daily: $95
  • Half week: $175
  • Full week: $225
Pink Sand Rider Beach Wheelchair

Sand Rider Lease

A lease option is appropriate in situations where someone is experiencing a health issue that affects his/her mobility for an extended period like hip surgery or an accident.

A Sand Rider lease is an arrangement where the chair is bought at full cost with a guaranteed buy back. 

Full cost is $2,380 including free shipping and return. 

$1,600 guaranteed buyback at lease end for leases shorter than three months.

$1,350 Guaranteed buyback at lease end for leases longer than 3 months